• Custom Sectional Oboe Sofa Collection

    New Custom Sectional Oboe Sofa Collection

    Ascension Latorre’s ‘new’ sectional sofa collection includes chairs and footstools with sumptuous fabric choices including Luxury contemporary fabric shades. Co-ordinating cotton and linen velvets and a wide palette of silk fabrics.

    Contact us for details of wood or metal base options and sizes

  • Oboe gold sofas

    Oboe Gold Sofas and Chairs

    Ascension Latorre stunning new designed Oboe sofa, chairs and footstool in cream silk and cotton velvet – custom couture cushions in luxury embellished fabric co-ordinate to show the way the rich palette of details can make the perfect finishing touch influencing your mood and lifestyle.

    Contact us for details

  • Grand national summer furniture collection

    New Grand National Collection from Ascension Latorre

    Comprising stunning sofas, chairs and footstools – available in Latorre fabrics or customers own.

    Outstanding craftsmanship from highly skilled local artisans – standard sizes but can make to custom sizing if required.

    Please contact us with your requirements

  • Walton custom built sofas

    Walton And Cold Walton With Oboe Sofa

    Ascension Latorre new collection of custom hand built sofas, co-ordinating chairs and footstools with new range of fabrics in cool, contemporary colours with Walton Tables – all to order.

    Contact us for details

  • Hand built upholstery


    Sesion Sofa Gris

    The Royalton range – with its curved hand built Beech frames and deep luxurious upholstery – finished with studs or self-piped. ‘Timeless design meets modernity’

    Crafted by hand using meticulous craftsmanship and traditional methods of upholstery with modern designs and fabrics – handmade wooden beech frames upholstered to a standard of excellence and all ISO9001 certified.  Flame retardant fabrics can be supplied or flameproofed for use in projects where commercial flame retardancy for upholstery is required

    The hand built upholstery offers sumptuous comfort & quality hand-made furniture by the most talented craftsmen by Latorre in Valencia.

    Contact us today with your requirements on:  info@hc-interiors.co.uk


  • Overhead view luxury grey velvet sofa


    Sesion Sofa Gris

    The Company: based in Valencia is a family business that began in the 1950’s and produces Classical and Contemporary Luxury handmade upholstery for residences around the world and for the Hospitality Sector.

    The Collection: Latorre’s Vintage Collection offers often dramatic Luxurious upholstery, hand made chandeliers & bespoke mirrors, with refined detailing. Seen in the most discerning of houses and yachts throughout the world.

  • Back detail grey velvet luxury sofa

    Luxury Velvet Sofa

    Sesion Sofa Gris

    With its rounded edges and deep dimensions – you cannot tell where luxury and comfort begin or end as it combines both with substance and style.

  • Modular luxury sofa

    Ambiente Picadilly Con Pratti

    A modular collection of elegance, simplicity of design and supreme comfort. Photo also showcases The Pratti centre light – an upholstered shade in a fabric of your choice –  the essential, made beautiful.

  • Modular sofas

    Ambiente Picadilly Con Diamond

    A modular collection of elegance, simplicity of design and supreme comfort.

  • Custom built furniture

    Custom built furniture, just for you

    Talk to us about your requirements and we will provide custom built furniture to meet any request.

  • Bespoke sofas

    Sumptuous Custom Sofas

    HCI source the finest handcrafted sofas from around the globe, made bespoke to order. From Giorgietti to Meridiani, Flexform and Baxter.